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  Not every business organization can afford television or newspaper advertising, but advertising with a website provides a visualization element, and is always available to anyone with internet access 24/7. This will not only save you money it provides a way for you to make more money for your business. By advertising your specials, including sales events etc. We can help get your message direct to the public through your website. We maintain your website, and provide updates as soon as they are recieved. This includes daily, weekly, monthly sales, or events.

   Peach Webdesigns™ works with Bing, and Google Webmaster tools to valadate and submit your entire website to their search engines on a monthly basis.Your website is also submitted to over fourty search engines worldwide, and in the United States every two weeks. Plus we have our own website submitter that we submit with once a week. This all ensures that your websites rankings will be high, and easy to find by your customers, and those searching the internet by keyword searches. Searching with the use of keywords has proven to be a great means of searching on the internet.

  We will be switching over to Responsive Mobile software so your website will fit properly on any device that has an internet connection. Responsive Mobile is the future of the internet. We will put your business there 24/7.

Below are ten good reasons to have a website to advertise your business.

  • 1. Publicize your business to millions of potential customers. A website would increase your sales.
  • 2. Update your website with your latest news, and or prices much easier and cheaper.
  • 3. Link your new website with other advertising campaigns for your business.
  • 4. Advertize and publicize on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • 5. You can create an extra outlet for taking orders.
  • 6. Websites are easier and cheaper to change, and or update, than print based media.
  • 7. Websites make it easier for customers to do business with you. These customers can be global.
  • 8. Compete with other companies in your market area.
  • 9. Place your website address on your business card to enhance your image.
  • 10. Use your website to work with other companies and develop better business relationships.


We do offer the following.

  • Domain Registration - We provide registration of your domain.
  • Domain Transfers - Your domain can be transfered to our servers from your current host.
  • Website Hosting - Peach Webdesigns will host your domain for you.
  • Website Development - Your website will be developed using the best software on the market.
  • Unlimited Space - There is no limit as to how much data space your website is allowed.
  • Unlimited Pages - We provide you with the amount of web pages that you need for your website.
  • E Commerce - Peach Webdesigns™ can develop and maintain your online business.
  • Mobile Applications - You can now have both a website and a Mobile website.
  • Free Email Accounts - You may have your own private email accounts with your hosted website.
  • Free Updates - Just what it implies. If you need an update there is no charge.
  • Website Maintenance - We provide free website maintenance for all of our hosted websites.
  • 24/7 Customer Service - All you have to do is call to receive information or help with your website.
  • Video / Media for websites - Adding these files are no problem if formatted properly.

All at affordable prices that rivals our competition's best day, every day efforts.

News: We have made a decision that will help our current clients as well as our company. The decision is that we are only going to accept a total of twelve clients for their websites development at Peach Webdesigns™. This decision is to ensure a better product for our clients. Once these have been filled that's going to be it. Quality over quanity is what we are looking to achieve.

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